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Dark Moon Rising (2015) Full Movie HDRip Watch Online

Dark Moon Rising is a horror film made in 2009 directed by Dana Mennie who also co-wrote the movie with Ian Cook. The film is about a small town girl Amy, played by Ginny Weirick who falls for wanderer Chris DiVeccio. The film also stars María Conchita Alonso and Max Ryan as two local townspeople who try to save the town from destruction.Its commonly known as Wolf Moon, is a horror film about a girl named Amy, who falls in love with the new boy in town. Dan is the drifter from out of town who carries a dark secret with him. In the beginning, Amy’s friends, tell her to go talk to Dan, who is working in an auto shop. He treats Amy with disinterest until he realizes that he has hurt her feelings. He asks to give her a ride home. Amy’s father doesn’t trust Dan from the beginning. Dan’s a drifter, so people automatically don’t trust him. But, the reason people don’t trust him is because of the vibes he gives off. Amy and Dan get to know each other as the movie progresses. Meanwhile, Dan’s father, Bender, is out killing people only a few states over. Dan’s dad eventually shows up and kills a dog along with a horse. The sheriff, played by María Conchita Alonso, and Amy’s dad investigate the murders and eventually connect them to the killings from other states. The two eventually discover Charles Thibodeaux, played by Billy Drago. Charles Thibodeaux tells them that he knows Bender from a while ago and Bender is a werewolf. Charles put Bender in jail a while back, and he escaped seeking revenge. Bender killed Charles’ wife brutally and Charles never got over it (wikipedia), Watch Dark Moon Rising Online Free DVDRip, Download Dark Moon Rising (2015) Full Movie, Dark Moon Rising Watch Online Mp4 HDRip BR 720p 3gp

Watch Dark Moon Rising Online

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